Monday, July 16, 2012

Dark Angel by Eden Maguire

This book was pretty intense, but I'm not entirely sure why. There is not really a lot of action (until the very end), so maybe the slow build up of tension and evil made for the nail-biting pace.

Orlando is the first worthy boyfriend I have seen in a really long time. He works through his jealousy issues like an adult. I was rooting for him and Tania the whole time and was pleased that Tania was a strong enough female character to step back and remain true to her heart. I also liked that although Tania has mild paranormal powers, for the most part she was just plain human. It was refreshing to read a story about fallen angels, demons, and the battle between good and evil that had a human being at its core. The reality of forest fires in their small town was also kind of cool. Can you imagine growing up and being intimately familiar with the world of forest fires and firefighting?

My only real complaint is that Tania's waking nightmares and dark visions about past and future fires were great, but I felt that once Zoran and his cast of characters were introduced, Tania's paranormal powers vanished from the plot. It was also very difficult to know how old Zoran and his crew were. They had an awful lot of power for teenagers, but as adults they seemed creepy.

Nevertheless, I am a huge fan of Eden Maguire. There is something really tender about her writing and her characters that hooks it claws into me. I tore my way through her first series, Beautiful Dead and loved it. Stay tuned for reviews of the second and third book in the Dark Angel series, to come!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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