Monday, June 22, 2009

Montana Rose by Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy is an author who truly knows how to grab your attention from the get go.

As Cassie Griffin watches her husband get buried, she feels utterly hopeless. Alone and pregnant, she has nowhere to turn. Thank God for the likes of Red Dawson, who steps up to marry her, take her back to his home, and care for her. Though this decision is sudden, it is the only way to keep Cassie safe from slimy villain Wade Sawyer.

Connealy has created two humble, innocent characters in Cassie and Red. Readers will thrill in watching them grow up together, learn together, and best of all, love together. There are some honest laugh-out-loud scenes as Cassie fumbles to learn about Ranch Life, as well as a sincerely sweet, tear-jerking moment when Cassie finally gives birth.

The focus may be on Cassie and Red, but the story is full of dynamic characters. Side characters such as the rough and tough Belle and her daughters, and the lovely Muriel round out the plot, leaving openings for future installments. There is also plenty of Connealy's signature action - fights, weather, wild animals - to keep you turning the pages late into the night. Connealy is a master of keeping solid Christian values in her books, without the message feeling too overwhelming. I am very excited to continue with this new series!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

This book had me hooked right from the first sentence.

All cheesy jokes aside, I devoured this book in one sitting. Could not stop reading, had to keep turning the page. CRAZY BEAUTIFUL is an all-too-familiar lesson in cliques and high school cruelty, but it is one everyone must learn. Jealousy among girl "friends". Rumor spreading that is turned on you. Sticking up for yourself and others against a bully. The one catch? Lucius does it all with hooks for hands. It was fascinating to read (and then think) about life without hands. How normal, every-day things are completely taken for granted until you find yourself unable to perform them anymore. Plus, the super sweet relationship between Lucius and Aurora will make you say "awwwwwww".

With alternating chapters between Lucius and Aurora's point-of-view, the plot is able to go deeper and show you the thoughts and emotions from both important characters. Lauren Baratz-Logsted will have you believing in the power of love at first sight.