Friday, July 9, 2010

Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagen

Charlotte just wants to spend her senior year of high school as a boring, normal girl. Kind of hard to do, when both of her parents are famous TV paranormal investigators. But when the opportunity arises to start over in a new place, Charlotte jumps on it. Unfortunately, something not-quite of-this-world has followed her and is going to make fitting in and meeting friends rather difficult. Then Charlotte gets the chance to use her experiences to help out her new friends, and life takes some very interesting turns.

This book was spooky! I admit my pulse quickened on more than one occasion, even while reading during daylight! It makes me want to put off other ghost story books in my reading pile for a while. Scares aside, I enjoyed it. I like Purnhagen's Tagged (reviewed here) and so I had high hopes for her second book. I loved the fact that Charlotte's parents researched the paranormal for a living, even though I cringed at their detachment towards their daughter's feelings. I liked meeting Charlotte's friends Avery and Noah. And best of all, I like how Purnhagen really saved the best surprises for the climax! This book would be a good choice for teens who like their ghost stories with a bit of science mixed in. Give it a try!

Overall rating: 4 Stars

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