Thursday, July 1, 2010

How I Made It To Eighteen by Tracy White

Stacy Black is seventeen years old when she puts her fist through her boyfriend's window and decides to check herself into Golden Meadows (restoring mental health since 1938). She doesn't intend to be there that long, but as the days stretch out, she realizes she is not quite well enough to be released yet. Stacy knows her time talking to the doctors and other patients is ultimately supposed to be helping her, but she just doesn't feel it yet. With the aid of fellow patient and friend Ashley, Stacy will have to learn to ask herself the hardest question of all: Why.

First off, I think the simple drawing style will appeal to graphic novels fans and non-fans alike. Tracy White (cute name change to protect the author's poetic licensing) has a very raw and damaged voice that will speak to young adults with the same problems. I also thoroughly liked the faded gray past flash-backs- the ones that showed the reader what had happened to Stacy to make her what she is today. A quick read and short novel that will make a large impact on the reader, and will be a book they won't soon forget.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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