Friday, September 28, 2012

Twisted Heart by Eden Maguire

Between the cheesy cover and the uninspired titles, this series really shouldn't be of any interest to me. But I absolutely LOVED Eden Maguire's Beautiful Dead series, and the first book in this new trilogy, Dark Angel, surprised me by keeping my attention through to the end. This second book in the trilogy starts off with a much more powerful bang, and keeps with the intense action and emotion that I expect from such a great author.

Tania is back and hanging out with celebrity types. Last time it was Zoran, the teen rock star. This time, it's Zeigler and Amos, the film-maker and his crowd of juvenile delinquents. I can't imagine a scenario where a group of bad kids comes into a town to be mentored by good kids and some sort of trouble doesn't start up. But even with the very predictable plot, I enjoyed this story.

Where there were a few intense scenes in the first book, this one has a LOT of nail-biting, uber-emotional, impactful bits. Including the final scene. These books would make for a pretty intense bunch of teen movies! I also appreciated that Tania's psychic episodes were dialed down a bit. They were not nearly as interesting as the other things that were happening in real time. Jarrold was a confusing character, making me swoon for his angst one minute, then feel repulsed by his attitude the next. I am curious to see if he shows up in the next book, making a case for a better boyfriend than the less-than-attentive Orlando.

The Dark Angels were after Grace in the first book, Holly in this book, so I can only guess that they will go directly towards Tania in the third. Looking forward to reading Broken Dream.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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