Friday, September 7, 2012

Origin by Jessica Khoury

In one word, Origin is awesome.

It is much more than simply that, however. There are so many pieces to this book. A love interest, coming-of-age, questions of moral science, a paranormal element, betrayal, and secrets. It may sound overwhelming, but it made for a fantastic read that was very difficult to put down.

My heart ached for Pia and her situation inside Little Cam. She has all that she could ever want and yet is extremely sheltered. It was fascinating to be trapped inside Pia's contained life and see how she is raised and taught to be the perfect being and a great scientist. There are few science-minded female leads in books these days. I felt like all I wanted her to do was escape, and got frustrated when she showed weakness on this issue. For as smart as Pia was, it was annoying that she should fall so immediately in love with Eio, the first boy her age she has ever met.

But Eio was also a well-written character. He is strong-willed like Pia, a perfect match. He has grown up in an entirely different world than Pia, and I wanted to explore more of the Ai'oan culture. Perhaps his story would make an interesting spin-off book. All of the "Uncles" inside Little Cam were hiding intriguing back stories as well. Rather than a sequel, I want to go back in time before Pia to learn how it all came about!

One more thing I wanted to note was that I approve of the decision not to show an actual face for Pia on the cover. This allowed me to imagine her how I wanted - futuristic or plain Jane. When the cover for this book was first released, it didn't grab my attention at all. But now having read the story, the cover could not be more perfect. Well done, cover artists!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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