Monday, September 24, 2012

The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

Caution: If you do not like spiders, you may want to pass on this book. If your stomach can handle those pesky, creepy crawlers, you will be rewarded with a tender and adventurous story.

Liza is a spunky young girl with a huge heart. In the beginning of the story, we hear a bit about how her younger brother Patrick lives to annoy her, yet when she senses something changed about him, she sets off on a grand adventure to get him back without a single hesitation. Her bravery is noble and will be a good role model for girl readers.

It took me a while to warm up to Mirabella the rat. She's not very sympathetic to Liza, but easily takes the lead role to help her along. I wanted to like her but couldn't lower my guard enough to welcome her into Liza's journey. Perhaps this was Lauren Oliver's intent all along.

There aren't many twists, but the ones there are caught me off guard and made a large impact on the story. In fact, the last third of the book is by far the very best part, with the strongest and most intense action scenes. While this is a good book for Middle Grade readers, I see it as a great novel for parents to read together with their children.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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