Monday, September 10, 2012

Over You by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Getting over an ex or fresh from being dumped? This book is not for you. However, if you have a friend that is either of those things, this would be a great read for instructions on how to get them back on his or her feet.

High school drop-out (!) Max Scott is Wonder Woman. Not literally, but she is quite amazing. She's started her own business of helping girls get over their exes, and it actually works. I was inspired by the way she had two employees and was super organized with her clients. She's buttoned up with her business, and best of all, totally funny. Her dialog, especially with Ben, is brilliantly witty.

Unfortunately, that's not really enough to carry the story. When Max wasn't helping a client, she is boring and whiny - everything she loathes to see in others. It was difficult to think she was so cool and watch as she helped others up, and then get down on herself and deny the obvious during other times. Luckily, her friends Phoebe and Zach are superb secondary characters that pulled the story along when Max couldn't do it herself.

Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus are new to writing YA books, this being their debut for the younger crowd. I've read all of their other books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. After reading Over You, I think they should stick to the more adult fare. Girls who get dumped may not be ready for the advice in this book, but women will revel in the ideas and suggestions for retribution.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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