Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspired to Art (8)

Fever Crumb by Phillip Reeve, is inspiring in more ways than one. The action was pitch-perfect, the characters were fully fleshed out and realistic, the world-building was spectacular, and the story truly hit all the right marks. Can you tell I loved it? I was stoked that there are two more books in the series already because I seriously did not want to leave Fever and her plight. Instead, I decided to create some of the epic visions Reeve wrote about. WARNING: As hard as I tried not to reveal too much, there may be a few plot spoilers, below.

Fever wears an oyster shell identifying necklace when she travels into London. That piece would be easy. What I wanted to try were the Assassin Paper Boys. Oddly terrifying, the thought of those. Unique, too, in the creativity on Reeve's part to develop them. And then last, the paperboys brought me a singular event in the book involving a needle and Fever's blood. I made the needle first.
Using a glass tube, two bead ends, an earring base, and a bit of my own special "blood" recipe, this is what it looks like. Does it look like it would fit into the steampunk world of Fever's?

Then I whipped up a quick box to put these elements into. The paper used was DCWV Tattered Time collection, and the gold paint edging is DecoArt Metallics in Glorious Gold. Inside paint was a basic cream.

Next, I placed all items into the box, and added a few tiny bits and bobbles to give it some extra glitz.

Not my best nook art, but still felt great to pull Fever Crumb's world into ours. The finished product:
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