Friday, March 9, 2012

Fictional Recipes (2)

This next recipe is brought to you from a cute little book called Love on the Lifts, by Rachel Hawthorne.

The recipe on the back cover is for HOT COCOA, a substance I am terribly addicted to. Seriously, I drink a cup or two every day, usually the instant packets from the grocery store. Making cocoa from scratch seemed like a little more work than I was willing to do daily, but I did want to try it at least once. This is what it looked like.
Not a bad recipe, but a little thin, and tasted too much like sugar, not enough like chocolate. A little like the book, come to think of it. The story was overly sweet in places, without much real substance to hold it up. Still, was neat to make cocoa from scratch. I would recommend trying it at least once!

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