Friday, March 23, 2012

Books That Broke Me

Every now and then there comes along a book that has a piece to it that is so powerful in and of itself, that it "ruins" me for life. Does anyone else out there know what I am talking about? Check out a few of the books that have broken me.
Rosemary and Rue, by Seanan McGuire.
This book opens with a horrible scene that turns the main character, Toby, into a Koi fish. She lives 14 years as this fish, until she is awakened and turned back to her normal self. I absolutely love the October Daye series, but this little gem has really stuck in my brain. I've had dreams about koi with human faces. I can't walk by those little fish ponds people have in their front yards without wondering how many of the poor fishies inside were once human. It's creepy.

Wither by Lauren Destefano.
With this book it wasn't the story that was powerful, so much as the cover. That dress is GORGEOUS. I can't get it out of my head. It looks wispy like bird feathers. Victorian with the corset top. So I went on a search for a matching dress for me. Couldn't find one exactly so perfect, but a little over a year ago I found a dress that was so close in color and style that I knew I had to have it. Now if only I could get the hair...

Rampant by Diana Peterfreund.
This one can be blamed for changing my view of unicorns. Seriously. They are vicious, mean creatures. Not the gentle, calm, peaceful type we have been taught to believe. I loved Diana's take on the mythical beasts, and have ever since.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.
Besides this middle-grade fantasy series being one of the best EVER, there exists a concealing spell. A brilliant concept. A great excuse. I use the concealing spell excuse whenever I walk into a room and completely forget what I went in there to do. Makes sense, right? Thanks, Brandon Mull!

What are some of the books that broke you?

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