Friday, June 29, 2012

Burning Emerald by Jaime Reed

I'm not really sure how to go about reviewing this book. I was able to get into the first book, Living Violet, easily enough. It had a great female character with Samara, and a smoldering guy love interest with Caleb. But it also deals with demons living inside you. One of those paranormal elements that I just don't enjoy, no matter what the story is. However, I was still interested enough to want to read the second book in the Cambion Chronicles. The first book finishes with such a wide-open ending and I was desperate to see what would happen to Sam next.

Unfortunately, Burning Emerald wasn't as good as the first book. It was still very interesting in a few places, such as those scenes where Sam and Caleb are together and reveling in their love, but for the most part I thought it was way too over the top. Again, this is just my personal tastes, but I don't find pleasure in reading about demons inhabiting bodies, or any other incubus-type beings. I just don't find them very alluring or attractive.

Bonus points for Jaime Reed's writing. Sam is a totally geeky female character, who works at a bookstore (although we see less of this in Burning Emerald) and knows all sorts of nerdy pop-culture references. Her dialog sounds the same across all of the characters though, making me quickly bored with the banter.

After this second book, I will not be checking out the third in the series, Fading Amber. But if you're one of those girls that likes Demons in your beautiful men, be sure to include this series in your reading list!

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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