Friday, June 22, 2012

Inspired to Art (6)

Because I've found myself reading so much Geronimo Stilton lately, I have been inspired to make some Stilton-related artwork. Or more accurately, have been inspired to lead others in some Stilton world art. Fans of Geronimo will know and recognize the many maps throughout the books. They are one of my favorite bits to this series. Not only do they teach map-reading skills, but they also spark imaginations to visualize worlds that are not their own. Here are some samples from the books.

My buddy Owen created this masterpiece.
 He came up with his own title for the land (Cat Scratch Island) and then planned out different places on that island. The names are on the left side of the map, and you can connect them to their various locations. A lot of fun to think about and draw up!

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