Monday, January 30, 2012

Horizon by Sophie Littlefield

Have I mentioned before how good this series is? I believe I mentioned with Rebirth, but it's worth saying again. This series is MIND-BLOWING.

The best part is that her characters don't pretend to be anything they're not. Not heroes, not perfect. They are flawed, which makes them very easy to relate to and understand. Cass is torn by so many things - two men, her daughter, her father, her addiction, her attack... but she knows she is conflicted by these elements, and deals with them in realistic ways. She is not alone, either. There's Dor and Smoke, who both suffer from the need to lead but who still struggle to overcome obstacles from their pasts. It is such well fleshed out characters that really give these novels (and this one in particular) the power to remain in your thoughts even after you finish the book.

The scenes with Beaters (zombies) are brutal and unforgiving in their gore and tension. The world Littlefield has creaked is bleak and scary, and yet she makes sure there are tender and beautiful moments in there as well. I think I physically smiled when Cass comes upon a single California Poppy flower in the midst of her bleak travels.

Horizon makes three books in this series, and I do not if there will be a forth. The ending of this installment is both satisfying and final, but there is still plenty of room to keep going with the story. Which I am totally hoping for. The Aftertime novels will always be high on my list of great zombie apocalypse stories.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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