Friday, January 27, 2012

Fictional Recipes (1)


1 martini glass full of crisp, purified water
(up to) 3 green olives with pimentos

Spear olives with toothpick and set in martini glass with water. Sip delicately!

I loved this idea every since I first read it in A Series of Unfortunate Events #6 The Ersatz Elevator. The book was not my favorite installment in this series, but this one little gem has stuck with me. As someone who does not drink alcohol, it seemed to be the perfect social party beverage. It looks like a real alcoholic beverage, but goes down a lot smoother! I prefer to add a little bit of olive-brine to the water too, for that touch of added flavor.

“A Martini? Isn’t that an alcoholic beverage?”

— Klaus Baudelaire to Jerome Squalor

Taste Test: Delicious!!!

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