Friday, September 23, 2011

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

"I know that most schools have rivalries with other schools, but that's not how it worked at Hamilton High." So says Lissa, who knows first hand how it works. The football and soccer teams have a long-running feud and she is dating Randy, the star quarterback. When the fighting begins to take time away from their relationship and turn ugly, kids get hurt. So Lissa calls all of the girlfriends into a plan of action - a sexual shut out. This might just work, too... if only Lissa could erase the memory of hot soccer player Cash Sterling.

I just love it when I read books that inspire me to read other books. It happens rarely, but was definitely the case with Shut Out. I dare you to read this book without wanting to read Atonement and Lysistrata afterwards! Readers will be rooting for the girls and their plan, not to mention Cash. He is seriously dreamy! By comparison I thought Lissa was a little high-strung. She really was no fun sometimes. And after the major twist in the middle of the book, I felt betrayed by her, as she was my guide through this story. All in all, this was a great second effort by Kody Keplinger. I was enamored with her after reading the DUFF, and was totally looking forward to reading more by her. Even with the soft plot and uneven characters, Shut Out had my full and complete attention until the end. Please give us more, Kody!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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