Friday, September 30, 2011

Bound by Book-to-Movie Law: Something Borrowed

Book-to-Movie Law states that once you have read the book, you are bound by the media to go see the movie based on said book, and therefor compare to two.

I wanted to like this movie, because the book is one of my favorites (I've read it more than once!). But there was some seriously bad acting in this one that hindered my enjoyment. For real, can't they find better actors than Colin Egglesfield and Ginnifer Goodwin to play Dex and Rachel? Not only were they stiff and plain, but they didn't have any chemistry either. John Krasinski (from The Office) rocks the socks of this movie though, and made the character of Ethan into someone completely unlike how I imagined him to be in the book. He was cute and funny! not like Dex, who made me want to punch him. Kate Hudson was the perfect Darcy, playing from the original book quite well. Spotting author Emily Giffin, reading the book sequel on a bench in the park, was pretty silly, but I like that authors are getting the chance to cameo in their movies. It would be great if they made a movie out of Something Blue, if only to see how the actors do further along down the story road.

Bottom Line: I thought the movie was sweet and silly, but I am going to have to pick the book for this one.

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