Friday, September 2, 2011

Dry As Rain by Gina Holmes

Eric and Kyra Yoshida are a recently separated couple when Kyra gets in a car accident and loses her memory. At first, Eric is hesitant to take care of Kyra, who does not seem to remember their marriage troubles. But then he realizes he has been given a rare second chance to make things right with his wife. With the constant possibility of Kyra's memory returning, however, Eric will need to reach deep within himself to reconcile their differences and make the wrongs he did right.

I loved Gina Holmes' first book Crossing Oceans, which made my heart swell and my eyes tear up. With Dry As Rain, I was excited to dive into another story of redemption and soul searching. Plus, it was interesting to read a male's perspective written by a woman author. It makes me wonder how close to this story the author really was. I thought Holmes wrote Eric in a rather rough manner, with the only soft edges being when it came to his wife. In fact, Eric does not seem to have many redeemable qualities at all and I felt myself pitying poor Kyra for staying with a total jerk. But perhaps that it what I like about reading Gina Holmes - she tells stories how they are, without apologizing for being ugly and unhappy. One thing is for sure: I will waiting with baited breath for her next book!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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