Monday, August 1, 2011

Out Of Control by Mary Connealy

Julia is halfway to delirious when Rafe Kincaid finds her in his old childhood hideyhole, but she isn't too far gone to remember who she is and how she got down there. Rafe only came back to the cavern to face a childhood trauma, but when he sees Julia, his one thought is to save her. After taking her home, he realizes she needs even more help, and Rafe steps right up to the plate. Adding to the drama is Rafe's younger brother Ethan, freshly returned to town following a long period away from the ranch. Rafe and Ethan jump easily into the roles of helping Julia and her sister Audra, but there is deeper trouble brewing. And if Rafe doesn't solve the mystery soon, he could risk losing the one thing that is dear to him.

Mary Connealy's books are the perfect staycation. They sweep me away to places I've never been before, to have adventures I have never experienced. All without leaving my seat! The caverns in this landscape were frightening and alluring all at once. What I also liked about this story was just how much smarter Julia was than her male counterpart in Rafe. I laughed out loud when the two of them would think the other was uneducated and bumbling. There were also the usual high-octane, intense action scenes that I have come to know and anticipate from Connealy's writing. How she manages to image such terrifying and realistic scenes, I will never know. But keep them coming, please! And of course, the romance. *sigh* Though I will miss reading these books in the classic Barbour format, I am looking forward to Mary's new relationship with Bethany House!

Overall Ranking: 4 Stars

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