Monday, August 29, 2011

After Obsession by Carrie Jones

Aimee begins noticing that her best friend Courtney is acting weirdly around the same time Courtney's cousin Alan comes to town. In fact, it's not just Courtney who's acting oddly. Aimee's boyfriend Blake is suddenly rude and angry at everything, a change that conveniently works in Aimee's favor, since the chemistry between her and Alan is sending sparks flying. As the creepy occurrences stack up (dark shadows in the shape of a man, knives spinning upright on their own) Aimee and Alan decide they need to fight whatever horrible thing is terrorizing their town and friends. But fighting an ancient evil is not going to be easy.

This book was spooky! I got the chills in a number of places, like I was watching some classic teen horror movie from the '90s. While I was careful to read this during daylight hours, I totally soaked up the romance between Aimee and Alan. When we first learn that Alan is into Indian Gods, I got nervous that he was going to be much too nerdy for me to like. But that was totally not the case, when he turned out to be super manly and romantic! I loved Carrie Jones' previous trilogy (Need, Captive, and Entice), which surprised me with it's addictive story line and generally cool characters. This book seems to be stand-alone, and while it didn't carry quite the same intrigue for me, it was still a great read.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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