Friday, October 1, 2010

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

Sally McClellan is on her way to visit her pregnant sister Mandy when her group is ambushed by gunmen on the trail. She ends up being shot off her horse and tumbles over a giant cliff. The last thing she sees before blacking out is the face of a man leaning over her. Later, she finds out that man is Logan McKenzie. He was out in the wilderness minding his own business and sketching when he saw Sally tumble. Now his only thought is to keep her alive. While Sally slowly recovers, she finds friends in Logan and Wise Woman. But as the terrible gunmen are closing in on her tracks, will she and Logan find a way to keep their lives and love safe?

*sigh* Why is it that I never tire of reading Mary Connealy's books? I cruised right through this one, the only interruption being a day at work. The story moved along at rapid-fire speed! I kept turning the pages, reading ravenously until the very end. I've said it before, but Mary Connealy excels at writing action. Seriously. Edge-of-your-seat action. I totally feel for poor Mandy, who is in the toughest spot imaginable - with a no good man, but still trying to do the right thing. I liked watching Wise Woman repair broken Sally and seeing the techniques that would have been used back in 1882. And a last little note worth mentioning is that I think this is the steamiest book from Mary Connealy yet! There weren't any sparks between Sally and Logan, there was a downright SMOLDER. Very romantic and swoony. I am waiting with baited breath to read Sharpshooter in Petticoats and get some closure in Mandy's story!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Michelle Gregory said...

i've read every historical she's written. i love them all. great review. said...

Angie Lippard from Hot Christian Books did a guest review of the same book on my blog here:

She had a bit of a hard time with the less manly “hero” than is found in most western romances, and I can’t say I disagree.


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