Monday, October 25, 2010

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Teagan is a fairly normal teen. Going to high school, hanging out with her best friend Abby, and working part-time at the local zoo are all part of her daily life. Then her unknown cousin Finn Mac Cumhaill comes to stay with her family and suddenly her world includes the vast array of mythical beings from her father's bedtime stories, from the evil cat-sidhe to mean old Goblin royalty. And if all this isn't enough to handle, her father goes missing, setting Teagan and her brother Aiden off on an adventure to remember.

This book was a disappointment for me. I had to really push myself to finish it. I was more interested/impressed in Teagan's time spent with the apes than with the fantasy elements. Her friend Abby had some truly hilarious dialogue, and I was way more into her than Teagan. The timing jumps very quickly in some places, which took me out of the story momentarily, while I tried to put the pieces together myself. Some chapters would take place a few minutes after the last, while others would skip months. I also had a problem with how readily Teagan accepted the fact that such mythical creatures were actually real. She never seemed to question this at all, and I was taken back by the lack of how unlike a teenage girl this would be. And speaking of not acting like a teenage girl, it was slightly disconcerting how Teagan would crush on Finn while routinely referring to him as her cousin. Even though they were not blood related, this made me a little uncomfortable. On a more positive note, however, Kersten Hamilton wrote some pretty cool action and fantasy scenes. When I could get into the story, I found myself stunned by the visuals she described of the folk creatures. Perhaps the next book in the Goblin Wars will pick up the pace and offer something more to this world.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

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