Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Dead: ARIZONA by Eden Maguire

After solving the mystery surrounding Jonas' death, Darina is back with the Beautiful Dead. This time it's Arizona's turn. Almost a year ago, her death was ruled a suicide by drowning in Hartmann Lake. But a few newly discovered details make it look more like a murder. Hunter, the leader of the Beautiful Dead, knows he needs Darina to help them out more than ever. And Arizona needs her to pass along important messages to her family. However, as Darina gets closer to learning the truth, she finds her life becoming endangered by those who want it to be kept a secret.

Oh man, I devoured this book. It is a sure sign of a good series when you can pick up the next book and jump right into the story. If the author needs to spend time reminding the reader of what occurred in the previous book it is not nearly as well-written. Eden Maguire seemlessly ties this book in to come after Jonas' story. The best part of this story was Arizona, by far. You get such a small hint of her in the first book, but this one peels her like an onion. So many layers going very deep. Darina was also a much stronger character this time around. Maguire set up the world and the paranormal elements so well in the first book, there was really no need for her to spend time describing them again, and therefor I could enjoy spending more time with the characters. Next up is Summer's story, and I am looking forward to learning about her!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Rating in Series: A tough call, but I think this one was better than the first. There was more for Darina to overcome in order to solve the mystery and a lot of depth to the characters.

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