Monday, November 7, 2011

Annual Authors

Do any of you out there have any authors that you love to read and that are reliable in releasing a good book once a year? This year I have been noticing how there are a few authors in my favorites list that put out a book at least once every year. And that I look forward to this year's release and then next year's title. And most important, every book is GOOD. Authors I can totally trust to give me a great book, without having to wait long periods of time in And so time and time again, at least once every year, I look forward to the day I can buy another book buy these lovely ladies.

Jennifer Weiner - My love for this very funny woman started way back with Good In Bed and I have read every one of her books since. This year we were lucky enough to get two books, the most recent being Then Came You, and I can't wait for the next one!

Kristin Hannah - Though I was a bit of a late bloomer with Kristin Hannah, after reading an advanced copy of Firefly Lane, I went back and read her entire catalog to date. Those were some beautiful months of reading! This year brought Night Road, and next year's book is called Home Front.

Joshilyn Jackson - I fell in love with Joshilyn's tender and moving writing with Gods in Alabama and new I had an instant favorite author on my shelf. She writes about small town life with such conviction and honesty. When she revisited the characters of that first book with this year's Backseat Saints, it was like visiting the town myself. Look for my review of her newest book A Grown-up Kind of Pretty, in January!

Pamela Morsi - Confession: I am behind on a couple of books with this author! It's terrible, I know. I will get caught up as soon as possible! Nor have I read her entire back catalog. But when The Cotton Queen came out, I read it in one sitting and had to have more. Bitsy's Bait & BBQ made me laugh out loud and it was with that book that I knew I would be buying a lot more from Pamela Morsi.

Mary Connealy - Followers of this blog already know how much I like Mary, so I will not say too much. Only that I am so glad she writes as much as she does! Most years she manages to release at least two books!

What are your annual authors?

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