Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On Reading Certain Words

You know how there are sometimes certain words that simply roll off your tongue and feel good to speak aloud? And then there are those specific words that make you cringe inwardly (or outwardly) whenever you hear or see them? Everyone has a few words that they like and those few words they don't. I thought I would take a moment to list some of mine.

I will start with words I like. One of my favorites in the whole of the English language is whisper. I love to read this word. It evokes a sensual reaction, a soft feeling of intimacy in my reading. I like giggle for a similar reason- it makes me want to smile and giggle myself. Mischievous is delicious to read, ambiguous makes me yearn for more, amused is just plain fun. I always approve of the use of the term correct over choosing to say someone is right. And perhaps is the preferred choice over the growing popularity of the term mayhaps.

Which is a good place to mention the words that I do not like. Or maybe the distaste comes from these words not being a part of my everyday vocabulary, so reading them in books makes me slow down for a split second. Pulls me out of the story, interrupts my focus.Words like grin instead of smile or smirk. This is a very common word, but rubs me the wrong way for whatever reason. Orb is another weird choice, a word I usually see in reference to someone's eyes or head. Really? There were no others words you could use? Silly. A few other harsh words are virulent, which makes me feel nervous, facetious which sounds meaner than it should, and bemused, which is entirely too close to it's cousin word amused.

These short lists aren't complete, but I wanted to impart my thoughts. Any of you out there feel the same way? Please share your words!

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