Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

Life can be hard when you're a half-blood. That's what Meghan Chase knows, anyway. After going into Faery to rescue her kidnapped brother and defeating the Iron King Machina, Meghan is horrified to learn there was still a false king bent on destroying and taking over the land. Plus there's still Ash and Puck, two boys with very strong feelings for her. Plenty of things to keep a poor girl busy! Meghan will battle some old friends and new enemies in her quest to save all that she holds dear.

There is a lot to follow and keep track of since the last installment (don't you dare read these books out of order) but I found that if I kept pushing forward, the action would overrule the exposition. The giant city was great! Julie Kagawa is very good with her visuals, whether it be shattering an Iron Fey into a million tiny shards of metal or a clockmaker who knows more than just how to make timepieces. Grimalkin was awesome as usual, being there to help/taunt/entertain everyone. There were a couple pretty heavy scenes in this book, too. Words that made my eyes threaten to spill over with tears. But I think readers will welcome the extra emotion, especially after all they've been through with Meghan. Kagawa wraps up her Iron Fey trilogy rather nicely, I thought, and all without feeling too rushed at the end. I am curious to see how Ash's story plays out in the next book, called The Iron Knight.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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