Monday, January 17, 2011

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

Bridget Duke rules her school. If someone is cool, it's because of her. If someone is a loser, it's because Bridget thinks she is a loser. She has complete control over both the teachers and students. That is, until new girl Anna Judge shows up. Suddenly Anna is getting all of the attention, and Bridget doesn't like it one bit. But what lengths will Bridget go to in order to get her Queen Bee status back? And will she hurt the ones she cares about in order to do it?

Though this book was rather cheesy at times, it was honestly enjoyable. It's one of those stories that will definitely keep the reader turning the pages to see what happens next, especially in the second half of the book. Bridget is a terrible, horrible, just awful person. The kind that makes me wonder how the author can stand to even write about someone this bad. But she is not unlike so many girls out there with their own issues and insecurities. The private school Bridget attends could be any high school in any city or town. And while Paige Harbison uses a not-so-subtle plot technique to teach Bridget a lesson, I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. A short and breezy read, but one that is sure to make readers think about their own actions.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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