Monday, August 23, 2010

Room by Emma Donoghue

The only world Jack has ever known is the inside of a single, 11 foot square room. He and his Ma eat, exercise, sleep, and even go to the bathroom there. A few times per week, a man Jack calls Old Nick brings them necessary supplies and sometimes gifts. He has never stepped foot outside of those four walls. But he has no reason to be unhappy, this is simply his life. Until his Ma becomes more and more desperate to escape. Now Jack finds himself pulling together all of his knowledge and strength in order to overcome the impossible.

WOW, does this book pack a mean punch. I was so horrified through most of it- watching two human being go through such a terrible life. Yet I couldn't look away. It was fascinating to get the whole story from five-year-old Jack's POV. A little tedious to read at times, because there is so much he obviously doesn't understand. In the end, I felt it much more rewarding to see the situation through the innocence and awe of his eyes and thoughts, see things the way no adult could. I am amazed at how genuine the voice sounded, don't know how Emma Donoghue accomplished such a feat. The incredible activities and things Ma invents for Jack is more proof of Donoghue's brilliance. I found myself trying to imagine how I would act in such a scene, but it was truly unfeasible. This is a perfect pick for those edgier book clubs out there. Tons to discuss and ponder if you can get past the tragedy!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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I added it to my wish list.

I read Slammerkin by this author, and it was amazing.

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