Friday, August 31, 2012

The Last Free Cat by Jon Blake

I loved this book, with all my heart. I wasn't too sure about it, thinking the premise was too contrived and wouldn't be believable. But the whole book is action-packed and very cute.

First of all, Feela. That cat is magical. Put me under her spell from the moment she mewled hello. It was quite tender the way she instantly melted Jade's heart. Second, Jade herself is a great character. Strong, courageous, and independent. She doesn't shy away from adventure, and believes strongly in doing what's right for her beloved Feela. And then there's Kris. He's super intelligent, caring, and best of all, mysterious.

I loved the way the clues and hints unravel throughout the story. Jade has lived a rather sheltered life up until meeting Feela and Kris, and she learns the ways of the street very quickly, mostly from Kris' teachings and from her own experiences. There was a brilliant juxtaposition between what Kris could teach Jade and what Jade could show Kris. It brought a deeper level to their budding relationship.

So many good things about this book. Enjoyable, edge-of-my-seat things. But perhaps my favorite bit was that at it's core, this was a story about rebelling against corporations. A near-future world that looks very similar to our current one. Corporations rule and it is up a small band of warriors to rise up and get to the truth behind what the media is telling them. A good story for all teens to read and discuss.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars


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