Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspired to Art (5)

The Boneshaker is a middle grade book by Kate Milford that blew me away with it's character dialog and awesome premise. Check out my review here. But the book did more than give me something fun to read. It inspired me to create artwork in honor of the characters I had spent time with. It all started with a paper mache book box, and an empty packet of gum.

First was a list of notes. The book is so chock full of references and names and titles that I had to collect them all on one list, to make sure I didn't leave anything out. Then came the front of the book box, which was the easiest and most fun to decorate. And then opens up to the inside, which includes little pieces of the following from the book:
-pieces of glass from caravan
-gears from Natalie Minks
-piece of string from Old Tom Guyot's guitar
-amber crystal from Amber Therapy
-key to automaton
-head figure from phrenology
-curious feather left behind the main stage
-light bulb used in Magnetism and lodestone therapy
-small dagger found on Harlequin automatonThis was such a neat project to make! Though it had plenty of frustrating bits along the way. I think it took about 9 months to finish the whole thing. And the finished piece makes all of this work well worth it. The paper is Basic Grey Cappella and the drawings are from 7Gypsies Steampunk collection.

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