Friday, June 17, 2011

The Vampire Stalker by Alison Van Diepen

Amy Hawthorne is your average teenage girl who loves reading paranormal novels. And like many of those girls, she has fallen in love with Alexander Banks, the main character in a new series of books by author Elizabeth Howard. So imagine Amy's surprise when she one day notices a stark Alexander look-alike in her school! But as Amy gets closer to Alexander, she also notices a mysterious guy around town that happens to closely resemble Vigo Skaar, the villain from the popular novels. Things quickly become clear to Amy, and she will need to put her love of reading aside if she hopes to help Alexander catch Vigo!

I felt almost giddy before I started this book, because the premise is just SO alluring. I mean seriously, how many of you out there have ever fallen in love with a character in a book? Wished they would jump off the pages and into your real life? Kudos to you, Allison Van Diepen, for exploring the concept of literary physics! Anyway, this book was pretty adorable. It was a little difficult to suspend my disbelief in some places, but the rest of it was so fun that I found I didn't mind the unbelievable too much. Amy was a fun character, but her friends really took center stage for me. They were so supportive and chipper! The same goes for Mrs. P, from the school library. I found myself wanting to know more about her and how she came to be so educated on literary physics. On the flip side, Alexander and Vigo were a little lacking in development, and accepted what happened to them all too quickly. All in all, The Vampire Stalker captures the excitement and anticipation every avid reader out there knows all too well, especially when it comes to finding out what happens next in a series!

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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