Monday, June 27, 2011

Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

With her mother dead and her father in jail, Lucette lives with her abusive Uncle in a small coastal town in Alaska. When a particularly brutal night causes Luce to accidentally slip off the cliff and into the ocean below, she does not expect to survive. However, Luce soon wakes up and discovers she is now one of the many young girls to become mermaids of the sea. Luce meets others like herself and quickly adapts to her new life underwater. But when queen mermaid Catarina begins to act secretive and vindictive, Luce needs to think for herself... before something terrible happens.

Those of you who follow this blog know I read a LOT of mermaid books. So there are a lot I can compare this one to. and while there are mermaid stories that are much better, this one wasn't that bad, really. Nothing in story came even close to being as beautiful as the cover art, but it was still an enjoyable read. Luce is a very compassionate 14-year-old girl. She so often thinks of others before herself. The other character in comparison felt a little flat and undeveloped. But I liked that the girls still had your typical girl troubles (mostly in getting along with each other). I also appreciated the science and biology of Sarah Porter's mermaids, especially in their coveted singing abilities. My only complaint is the serious lack of guys in this book! You can't possibly convince me that teen girls weren't on the lookout for boys! Lost Voices is a lovely mermaid story that is just as playful as it is dark and moody.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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