Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Boyfriend Is A Monster Series

With the popularity of all things paranormal these days, there have been a number of books about human/monster relationships to come out. Some have been good, most have been bad. But this quiet little series of graphic novels is one I found to be worthy of notice.

My Boyfriend is a Monster #1 - I Love Him to Pieces - was an absolutely adorable story. I loved the role reversal of Dicey being the uber jock and Jack being the bookworm nerd. Evonne Tsang writes some super cute and often very funny dialog. And this first book does a fantastic job of setting up the world. Clues are given to the reader and the characters at the same time, creating the perfect blend of suspense, action, and tenderness.

My Boyfriend is a Monster #2 - Made For Each Other - takes another classic monster and pulls it into a teenage love story. Frankenstein doesn't sound like he could be attractive, but Paul Storrie writes a totally loveable boy in Tom. He and Maria make a great couple, even around the boundaries that dating a monster involves. Of the two stories, I did not think this one was as strong as the first book, though.

The art is simple black and white drawings, but I thought this worked well for the age range and content matter. There were a few places in both books where the art became crowded and muddy, but for the most part the illustrations were successful in fleshing out the scenes.

So if you're a fan of monsters (and even if you aren't), give this series a try. The stories are short and sweet and will leave you smiling.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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