Monday, November 22, 2010

Angel by L.A. Weatherly

The only life Alex has known is being an Angel Knight, sworn to hunt and kill horrible creatures commonly identified as angels. Real angels that walk among us, blending in with humans. The Church of Angels is a group created for people who have had encounters with angels. But once a human has been touched by an angle, they are left worse off than before. It is up to Alex to track down these Angels and dispose of them so that they can't continue to hurt people. Everything is going fine, until he receives orders to kill an angel that happens to be half human. Willow Fields is not your typical high school teenager. She loves to fix cars, she buys all of her clothes second-hand, and she can predict a person's future just by holding their hand. Until the day she meets Alex, she is completely unaware of the other side of her. Going against everything he has ever known, Alex is somehow drawn to her. And despite their initial distrust of each other, they know they will have to work together if humanity has any hopes of survival.

With a market that is quickly becoming overstuffed with angel stories, this one stands out as being refreshingly different. I mean, BAD angels?! That is not something you normally hear. They were almost vampiric in nature and I thought it was rather unique. Plus, how about that semi-creepy cover? I really liked the character of Alex - how he was only a teenager but had seen so much of the world. Willow was interesting too, but I felt we didn't get to learn as much about her past as we did with Alex. I would have liked to hear more about how she lived with her incapable mother. I also liked how Weatherly switched between Willow's POV and Alex's story. It gave me time with each character to really get to know them better. Despite an exciting start and a lot of build up, however, there's not very much action in the book. Just over 500 pages and a total of three short edge-of your seat scenes. There was a little twist at the end made my heart beat faster, but Weatherly rushed through it. Perhaps this is all just part of the world-building though, which leaves me wanting to read more! Next up is Angel Fire, coming to the UK next year.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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