Friday, June 25, 2010

Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

When Beth McCellen first meets Alex Buchanan, it is anything but love at first sight. The two of them narrowly escape a coach accident, and while helping those who were injured, realize they are both doctors. As important saving people is to Beth, she knows this means she will miss seeing her sister Mandy off with her new husband, Sidney. Mandy, meanwhile, does not take long to discover her married life is not exactly what she thought it would be. With the aid of Belle Harding (familiar, anyone?), Mandy finds the strength to seek the truth and follow her heart. And through the strength they arouse in each other, Beth and Alex come to chase away the ghosts of the past and create a bright future of helping people together.

Those of you that follow this blog will know that I am a fan of Mary Connealy. So it should not be a surprise that I totally liked this book. In fact, it may be my favorite story from Connealy yet! With the family I fell in with from Petticoat Ranch, this new series gives the reader another chance to get to know Sophie's daughters more deeply. Beth is an inspiring, strong, career minded woman. I loved reading about the patients and the sophisticated doctoring Beth and Alex could do, even in 1879. I wasn't sure my stomach was going to be strong enough in some places! A few scenes had absolutely hilarious dialog that I would be awesome to see on the big screen in a movie adaptation of this book. On a last note, I was totally into the simultaneous stories of Beth and Mandy, and couldn't wait to get updates on each. Sometimes when an author writes in this style, one story can stand out more than the other, but Connealy pulls it off with flying colors.

A great start to a new series, and I am highly anticipating Wrangler in Petticoats, coming out in the fall!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Chelsea. Thank you for the review. I'm so glad you liked Doctor in Petticoats.
I'm doing final edits on Wrangler in Petticoats right now. It's coming in October. :)

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