Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Heart Fablehaven

Happy Fablehaven 5 release day!

I was waiting outside my local B&N to pick up my copy bright and early this morning, to take it back home and read in the sun! Omigosh it feels like I've been waiting FOREVER for this book to come out.

I don't think there has been a series previously that has made me want to jump into the book as much as Fablehaven has. The non-stop action, the intrigue, the perfectly executed fairytale-ness... it all makes me wish I was there! The kids in the books have to do dangerous, exciting tasks. And the adults listen to the kids! With so many fantastic creatures throughout, any reader will find something about the story they like. I would recommend this series to all middle-grade children looking for the next great escape. And to any parents looking to read a fabulous adventure series to their kids. Or for themselves! My gushing could go on and on.

But that would take up more time. So this is just a short post to say have fun reading yours, cause I will be reading mine!

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rl said...

This was a fun series. I definitely enjoyed them and am sorry that there won't be any more adventures in this world.

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