Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Anonymous Bride by Vickie McDonough

Luke hasn't been back to Lookout for eleven years, so he is not sure what he expects to see. Certainly not the welcome he received from his old flame Rachel's spunky daughter. But as Lookout's new town Marshall, Luke is determined to pick up the life he left off and get Rachel out of his system once and for all. And he's not alone - unknown to him, he has the help of his cousins Garret and Mark - they want to find Luke a woman to settle down with him. However, as beautiful women begin to arrive in Lookout, Rachel and Luke are forced to deal with their feeling for each other and slowly rekindle the love they once had.

I have not read any of McDonough's novels before, but this book was sweet. The plot gets right into the heart of the story by the fifth chapter, so there's no long waiting for something to happen. It was fun to watch the whole town get involved with the boardinghouse bride situation, with scenes that made me laugh out loud. Rachel's daughter Jack is a treat to watch, always getting into trouble with the other local boys. Rachel overcomes some difficult and trying times, but does so with grace, making her an inspiring character. Her actions will remind the reader to think about their own.

Stay tuned for the next book, SECOND CHANCE BRIDES, due out in September!

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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