Friday, January 1, 2010

Kyle's Island by Sally Derby

Kyle Cook can't wait to get to the lake house with his mom and three siblings this summer. His father left earlier in the year and the family hasn't quite been the same ever since. When he learns his Mom has to sell the lake house, Kyle sets out to earn enough money to try and save this important piece of his childhood. Along the way, Kyle will find he has more to learn about the people around him than he thinks.

KYLE'S ISLAND is a short and breezy read and evokes memories of summer on the lake from my own childhood. Derby tunes into Kyle's young voice with ease and grace. The story is a familiar one - Kyle coping with losing a piece of his childhood is something everyone has to go through at some point in their young adult lives. Detailed descriptions of fishing and life on the lake are a bonus. Highly recommended for that male reluctant reader!

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Sally said...

Hi Chelsea, Thanks so much for the perceptive review of Kyle's Island. I'm so glad you recommend it for the "reluctant male reader." Years ago, my middle son was just such a reader, and I like to think he would have enjoyed it then--at least the parts about fishing!

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