Thursday, January 28, 2010

INTERVIEW with Christine Lynxwiler

Christine Lynxwiler has written many books including Promise Me Always, Along Comes a Cowboy, and Forever Christmas. Most recently, she has written about the McCord sisters with The Reluctant Cowgirl and Cowgirl at Heart (reviewed on this site). I personally enjoyed all of these books, and look forward to more. Today we are honored to have her join us for a quick chat!

CW: Cowgirl at Heart features some very cute dogs. Are any of them based on dogs you know in real life?
CL: Yes, Chelsea! They are all loosely based on dogs I've known in real life. My own dogs, plus my sister's and niece's. Yet in the book, just like in real life, each dog developed her own unique personality as she became real to me.

CW: Do you have a favorite character from the McCord Sisters or Pinky Promise Sisters book?
CL: That's a tough one. I love the whole McCord family dynamics and at this point, they're all like good friends. Kaleigh (the youngest) is probably my favorite, but that may be because I'm working on her book now (Cowgirl's Don't Cry - coming Fall, 2010)

CW: When I am not writing, I am...
CL: Spending time with my family, raising my daughters, loving being married to my best friend, and thankful to still have my parents in good health, even though they're at the 90 year mark. For fun, we do a lot of thinks together as a family - summer league softball, kayaking, visiting our horses (hubby and daughters ride, I don't... much, but I like to pet them). Our oldest daughter is in choir, and right now, our lives are consumed with All-State tryouts and preparation for a trip to Denver so she can participate in a national level honor choir.

CW: I see that you are on Facebook. How is it connecting with your readers through this and similar channels?
CL: It's so much fun! I love to connect with readers at any level and Facebook makes it easy. I enjoy the Christine Lynxwiler Readers group on Facebook. We have well over 300 members and some cool wall posts that encourage me when I'm struggling to write. There is a place for Discussion, but so far no posts. That's my hope and dream - to reach the level of writing that makes people want to discuss my books and characters. The characters are real to me. I think having readers talk about why they like or dislike certain ones and their storylines would means I've been able to make them real for readers, too.

CW: Could you please tell us what is in store for you next? What can fans look forward to reading in the future?
CL: As I mentioned above, Kaleigh's book is next - Cowgirl's Don't Cry (Fall, 2010). After that, the three McCord Brothers get their turns. Matthew first, then Luke, then Chance. I know their stories, but so far no titles. I haven't really looked beyond that. Right now, the thought of leaving the McCord family makes me feel a little lost.

Wow, thanks for taking the time to stop by and answer some questions for us! Keep up the good work!


Christine Lynxwiler said...

Thanks for having me, Chelsea! I enjoyed it.

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Great interview, Chelsea. :)

Woo-hoo! I can't wait to read about the rest of the McCord family's stories! It seems like forever since Crystal's story, so I'm eagerly looking forward to reading the rest.

~ Lori

Emma Michaels said...

Wonderful interview!

Suko said...

What an interesting interview! I am not familiar with this author's work, but am more inclined now to read one of her books.

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