Monday, March 30, 2009

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

This book took my breath away.

When hearing about how great twilight is for paranormal teen fiction, I always wish to speak out that this book is better than the Twilight series. Sure, they aren't apples to apples, but when discussing YA paranormal romance, DO NOT leave this series out.

Perhaps what I loved most about this series debut was the raw teen angst spilling off the page. Aislinn (LOVE this name!) is a high school girl with a lot more on her plate than normal. She can see faeries all around her, but abides by her Grandma's strict rules in dealing with them. Seth is a teen boy who has grown up too fast and lives by himself in a converted train car. How HOT is that? Perhaps it is just my teen fantasies speaking out, but the combo of these two characters is absolutely amazing. The sexual tension was tangible, something that felt so real reading the words on the page.

It is difficult to write about Faery worlds without getting too fantastical or too mythological, but Marr pulls this off perfectly. The rules with which the Faeries have to abide by are easy to understand and play lightly into the traditional Winter and Summer Courts. With first forbidden love being a central theme, Wicked Lovely is bound to appeal to a wide range of young adult girls.

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