Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspired to Art (2)

When I recently read Legend, by Marie Lu, I was immediately caught up in the post-apocalyptic world she had created for her characters June and Day. They were both so cool! I was engulfed in the action with no signs of looking up from the pages until the end. But then I stumbled upon a scene that made me literally jump out of my seat and exclaim "I want to make that!" The piece was Day's necklace.

WARNING: This project gives away a major plot point, so if you have not read the book yet, don't scroll down!

So I started with a genuine 25 cent quarter, year 1990, from the United States of America. It was vital that this be from 1990, so the photo is proof.

Then I covered it with basic white Fimo Clay, stuck a silver jump ring in the top, and baked it until hard.
Painted it black and brown to make it look old and authentic to the book, then found some twine for the necklace part.
And voila! Day's necklace! I totally love this simple (yet powerful, if you've read the book) piece of jewelry. I even find myself rubbing it with my fingers when it's around my neck. Thanks for the inspiration, Marie Lu!

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