Friday, April 15, 2011

This Girl Is Different by JJ Johnson

From the very first moment Evie meets Rajas and Jacinda, their friendship is easy and natural. She finds a fast friendship in Jacinda and is instantly attracted to Rajas. Or so she thought, anyway. When Evie starts her Senior year at the same public school, things spin quickly out of control. Evie is outraged at the injustice students have to endure in their public education and speaks out against it, all with Jacinda and Rajas help. Her plan goes well and soon takes on a life of it's own. But Evie quickly learns to be careful what she wishes for, as lightning can strike anywhere.

This book was all right. There were lots of things I liked about it, including the fact that Evie was a seriously tough and courageous girl. She's boyish and outdoorsy, but also maintains her girlish side, the one that loves her best friend and is interested in kissing cute boys. I also really liked the quotes at the beginning of the chapters. Often times quotes like these can be cheesy and overlooked, but Johnson chose wisely and I found myself taking a moment to revel in the quotes before moving on. Johnson has an easy writing style and gives Evie a very upfront voice. There is no flowery language, no superfluous descriptions. On the other hand, however, I sometimes thought Evie was entirely too smart for her age and experience. She is almost annoyingly set on knowing she is right. At times, her actions felt a little far-fetched. If readers can get past that, there are plenty of current pop-culture references to keep the book in the present. And of course, a fantastic happy ending.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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