Friday, April 1, 2011

The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder

As a sophomore at a new school (she was a freshman there too), April Bowers is tragically not cool. Not nearly as cool as Brittany Taylor, the most popular and prettiest girl in the whole school. So when Brittany turns her attention to April, she is more than just thrilled. But April's best friend Haley warns her that Brittany is a lot meaner than she seems, a message that April ignores until it's too late. Being shunned from the Lipstick Lawlords stings, but with the help of a few others like her, April develops a plan for revenge.

It's a good thing this book was short, because I am not sure I could have stomached the plot any longer. Besides being gaggingly cliched, the shallow characters made my eyes roll. Even as the underdog, I didn't see any reason to root for April. Sure there are terrible girls in high school, but Brittany is extraordinarily mean. And I'm not entirely convinced April fully learned her main character lesson. The dialog had been done before and was predictable. The one cute bit was that April had dreams related to what was going on in her life, and they were genuinely funny. For girl readers out there looking for a breezy spring break book without much depth, this is a good one for you. However, if you expect a little more from your reads, I would pass.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

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