Friday, February 4, 2011

The Rendering by Joel Naftali

When The Rendering opens, Doug is blogging furiously about what has happened to him. Wrongly accused of killing his Aunt Margaret, his goal is to tell the world what really happened that fateful day. Between fighting off terrifying boidroids, befriending cyberskunk hybrids, and attempting to finish his homework, Doug's story is one high-octane adventure!

The Rendering is an exciting book for those boys (and girls!) out there who embrace their computer-loving, dorky side. Packed with so much action, there's hardly time to pause and catch your breath. The story is quite a high concept, and there is a lot of science and tech to back it up. Readers will have to be up-to-snuff on their computer tech knowledge if they don't want to feel lost in the action. Doug's friend Jamie is brilliant - the super smart female best friend who's always there to lend him a much-needed hand. I absolutely loved how Joel Naftali played around with font sizes and styles to help emphasize certain parts of the blog. Very creative and a welcomed break from the monotony of blog format. And he wrote Doug's voice with a perfect blend of sarcasm and hilarity. While not my usual cup of tea, I certainly enjoyed the ride.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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