Monday, September 13, 2010

Jane by April Lindner

Jane Moore is at her wits end when she applies for a job at Discriminating Nannies in New York City. With her parents having recently died and her siblings both gone away, there is no one to help support her. Then she lands a dream job - nanny to rock star legend Nico Rathburn's daughter. Things go well and first for the first time in her life Jane feels like she belongs. But then strange and dangerous things start happening at the estate and Jane begins to fear something is not right. On top of that there is the small matter of Jane's growing attraction to her employer. Suddenly Jane's simple life is a lot more complicated!

Omigosh this book ROCKED. No pun intended. I was so captivated! Things were going along smoothly until all of a sudden she found herself crushing on Nico... but perhaps that is the way it happens in real life too. Love sneaks up on you. I loved Jane's character- her earthly innocence, her honest voice. She is so tender-hearted and patient with Maddy and Nico! And the deliciously deserving happy ending sealed the whole experience for me. There were times when I wondered if a story like this could actually come true, and April Lindner completely makes it seem possible. I also wondered if reading this book would make me want to go back and read the original Jane Eyre. To be honest it did, but I have a strong feeling the original won't be nearly as yummy! Perhaps it will inspire other readers to pick up the classic. I definitely think teen girls will eat this book up - it's such an exquisite fantasy! Did I mention I LOVED this book?

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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Adding to my wishlist now! This sounds AWESOME!

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