Friday, December 25, 2009

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

It might be cliche to say that this book had me hooked from page one, but it most definitely had my undivided attention at page 6.

Grace and Jude Divine haven't seen their childhood friend Daniel ever since he disappeared one mysterious night three years ago. Then he turns up one day in Grace's AP art class, and she is immediately reminded of how much she liked him. But then terrible things start happening in the neighborhood and it looks like Daniel may know more about that than he lets on. Grace will have to figure out her feelings for Daniel while she avoids the growing danger and learns the truth about what happened to her brother that fateful night.

THE DARK DIVINE is extremely gripping and engaging mystery unfolds. The characterization and dialog is so realistic and natural that it makes you believe it could really have happened, despite the paranormal elements. There is a delicious brooding man in Daniel that will appeal to all Edward Cullen fans. Despain is a debut author to watch!

Plus, the ARC came with matching nail polish, which is now on my toes!


Anonymous said...

Even if it is cliche, I love when a book does that to me.

ChelseaW said...


Definitely check out The Dark Divine. You will not be disappointed!

Anonymous said...
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Kirthi said...

Great review, I've got to check this out!

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