Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber

Percy Parker has been treated differently since the day she was born. With her ghostly white skin and curious ability to speak all languages, others around her are typically frightened. Until she enrolled at Athens Academy, where she was introduced to Professor Alexi Rychman. He accepts her for who she is and encourages her to blossom into her talents. Which may be needed, as unknown dark forces are on the rise.

This book is a haunting, gothic tale with gorgeous, atmospheric writing. Hieber knows how to tell a tantalizing story- letting the plot unwrap itself in a cinematic fashion, and giving the reader slightly more knowledge than the main characters to keep the tension high.

A sequel is already scheduled for future release, and I look forward to furthering this adventure. Other members of the Guard who would thrive in a book for themselves, especially artist Josephine and Headmistress Rebecca Thompson.

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