Friday, December 17, 2010

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

There are angels that walk among humans, and Clara Gardner is one of them. She has wings, glowing hair, and a weird magnetism to birds. At sixteen, she begins to have visions and is given her purpose: to save a boy from a wildfire. Her mom and brother pack up and follow clues in the vision to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Clara enrolls in the local high school. Though she is an outsider, it doesn't take her long to make friends with two girls, Wendy and Angela. As well as two guys, Christian and Tucker. But as her visions come more and more frequently, Clara discovers not everyone is who they seem.

First I want to mention how much I totally love the cover. No angel wings or anything like that, but a very ethereal girl and a beautiful dress. Great job, design team! I really liked how there wasn't a whole lot of time to get to know Clara before she came into her powers. It is always fun to watch a character discover hidden powers and such, but in time when there are SO many angel stories out there, it was refreshing to be thrown into Clara's world without the wait. The mystery unravels at a snails pace, building a slow and powerful suspense. Cynthia Hand created great tension by having Clara recognize there are parts of her mission that she doesn't yet know but needs to find out in order to fulfill her purpose. Angela was an adorable secondary character, one with her own story worthy of it's own book! And I don't think I've liked a dude in YA paranormal this much since Jude from the Immortals series. But Tucker! He was rugged, handsome, and total swept me off my feet while he showed Clara around the area. I have my fingers crossed that we will see a lot more of him next time. This is a planned trilogy and I wait with baited breath for part two!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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