Friday, October 22, 2010

The Beautiful Dead: SUMMER by Eden Maguire

Two of the Beautiful Dead have been helped by Darina to solve the mystery surrounding their death. Now it is Summer's turn. Her case is going to be much harder to solve than the previous two because she was shot down in a seemingly random act of violence at the local mall. The more Darina looks into possible suspects, however, the scarier things become for her. Add to that a disintegrating relationship with her Beautiful Dead boyfriend and pressure to put together a concert tribute for Summer, and Darina is up to her ears in stress.

Can I say how awesome it is to have this whole series ready for reading? No waiting and waiting for the next book. Which is good, because it is a REALLY good series. Summer's story was powerful. I genuinely had no idea where the story was going or who Darina was going to go talk to next. Hunter's character changed dramatically in this story, though I can't really say how without giving away plot. But it definitely caught me off guard, as well as a few other major plot points. Eden Maguire is seamlessly tying together the lives of her Beautiful Dead and the townspeople. As much as I'm not ready to say goodbye to Phoenix, his book is up next and I can't wait to read it!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Rating in Series: Hmm... tough call. This one was way more horrific than the first two, but not as good. Third in line, so far.

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