Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

DAIRY QUEEN and THE OFF SEASON were incredible, and now Catherine Gilbert adds a third book equally as amazing.

FRONT AND CENTER is genuine sports fiction for teenage girls, but readers of all sorts would love it. DJ Schwenk has been on her high school boys football team and helped her brother back from a paralyzing sports injury, but nothing compares to the challenge she's up against in this book - finding a college. She is elligible for more than a few scholarships, thanks to her super basketball playing and coaching skills, and the pressure to find the right college is not easy. Throughout the process, DJ navigates good from bad, right from wrong, and still manages to hold it all together for a rewarding happy ending.

Teens will love the conversational tone of the writing and will identify with DJ as she grows up and becomes wise about the world around her. Family and boyfriend issues are nothing new, but Murdock makes them feel unique with her characters and writing style.

Let's see a book of DJ's first year in college!

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